wild animal control

There are many species of wildlife that live around and under homes and in backyards. Some are very enjoyable and are worth keeping around, while others are a nuisance or a danger to humans. When wild animals become too much to live with the best thing to do is call a humane Houston rat removal service. This is the surest way to protect the safety and future of wildlife by taking them to a new home.

Wildlife Birds

There are several thousand species of birds flying about in the North American skies. Many like to come down and visit a nice tree in somebody’s backyard. For bird watchers, good bird feeders and birdbaths are a must. Anything to keep the birds happy, as in most cases they are a welcomed backyard guest.

In some cases, however, birds do end up needing humane removal. This often happens when the bird makes its way into a house and cannot or will not leave. Some birds can also be considered pests, such as geese, woodpeckers, Muscovy ducks, and pigeons to name a few. Woodpeckers pride themselves on vandalizing human structures and trees, while Muscovy ducks enjoy digging up lawns. Birds can also be dangerous to humans. Geese have a reputation for attacking people, while pigeon droppings carry multiple diseases.

Animals such as squirrels, mice, skunks, and even rabbits are often considered nuisances. They can usually be found tearing something up around the yard or in the house. Rabbits and squirrels are tolerated by the human population more than other pests. However, once the rabbit discovers the garden or the squirrel starts chewing up wires it is time to call a humane animal remover. Humane squirrel removal is growing in popularity, as nobody wants to deal with the small bundle of crazy anymore but also do not want it to get hurt.

There are also animals that people would rather avoid altogether. These animals are considered more dangerous than others and should only be handled by humane animal removal professionals. Some of these animals include snakes, stray dogs, coyotes, alligators, and bats. That’s the reason why many homeowners contact Bat Removal Fort Worth as well as professional snake removal firms. Snakes are often seen as the scariest of all home invaders. People need to be extra careful when working around snakes and other reptiles, such as Gila monsters, as the common person cannot identify whether or not it is venomous. Venomous or not, a bite can be very painful to do some damage. However, a bite with venom can have serious and even fatal consequences depending on the species.

Stray dogs can be either friendly or aggressive; the latter needs to be heeded. Dogs can be aggressive for a number of reasons, such as previous abuse, dog fighting, or a dangerous disease known as rabies. Stray dogs that are acting strange or aggressive should not be approached. Get to a safe place, avoid the animal, and call a humane animal removal service.

Stray dogs that do not pose as a serious threat will most likely have a friendlier, playful, and alert demeanor. Dogs exhibiting this behavior that run right up to people are most likely someone’s pet and have been raised with humans. Dogs that act frightened, such as by tucking in their tail, cowering, shaking, or running away, are exhibiting normal behavior for stray dogs that have not had a lot of experience around humans. Stray dogs often suffer from malnutrition and can be hit by cars and injured by other human hazards. The best thing to do is call a humane animal remover who will take it to a humane animal shelter.

coyote Denver

Coyotes are similar to stray dogs in that they are either frightened of people or not. In the past coyotes have mostly steered clear of the human population. Today as the human population expands coyotes are getting used to living in closer proximities to humans and even getting fed by them via hand or garbage can. Coyotes can also be very dangerous if they are guarding offspring or have rabies. Careful measures should be taken while around coyotes and a humane animal removal service should be contacted if one is spotted in a neighborhood or area densely populated by people.

When dealing with any wild animal the most important thing to consider is safety. One of the most dangerous things a human, pet, or wild animal can come in contact with is a disease known as rabies. Remember that mammals are the only carriers of rabies and there is no cure for animals that acquire it. Humans can be cured if it is diagnosed and treated in time. Rabies can only be transferred from the carrier animal to the next host through saliva. This transmission happens through a bite or saliva entering a mucous membrane, such as the eyes or if it gets into an open wound. Animals that have rabies will often exhibit behavior such as extreme aggression, not being able to walk straight, falling over, vomiting, etc.

If any mammal, wild or domestic, that is exhibiting strange or aggressive behavior is found, follow the following steps:

1) Get to a safe distance from the animal, preferably behind something or in something in case the animal charges.

2) Alert all other people in the general area to stay away from it.

3) Make sure all pets are out of the area and determine whether or not any pets could have been bitten by the rabid animal.

4) Call a humane animal removal service immediately. Pets that may have been bitten by the animal should not be handled near the infected sight, as any saliva present on the bite is still transmittable. Consult the humane animal removal professional immediately about all the animals involved.