pests at home

You just had a family of squirrels, skunks, raccoons, or some other form of wildlife humanely removed from your property. Now there are some preventative measures that you can take to keep more from moving in. To do this you must first determine why they were there in the first place and where they were. Home break-ins are the easiest to fix once you find and seal all of the entry points. However, yards and gardens are another story and often take greater preventative measures.


Many animals are attracted to your home because of access to food, also known to us as garbage. Start by getting secure garbage containers and keeping pet food put up. Gardens and small livestock can be protected by net type fencing. A tip to make fencing stronger is to layer netting or chicken wire on the inside of a stronger type of garden fence. The smaller the holes in the fence, the more types of animals it will keep out.

For pests that dig, build a one to two foot trench around your garden directly underneath where the fence will go, and then place small block or rocks inside. Netting can also be used to build a roof to keep the birds out, especially for chicken owners losing stock to owls and hawks. By following these preventive strikes you will attract far less unwanted wild animals to your property.