pest removal Denver
Living in Denver, Colorado can mean there are numerous occasions for human and wildlife interactions. These interactions can be a lot of fun however, when they become threatening then it is time to seek professional help in order to facilitate a humane removal of the animal or animals. Squirrels are common animals that like to sneak into our homes, they can cause a lot of damage and be very annoying, however they can be safely removed. The honeybee population has been under attack from unknown sources, so it is important that if a beehive is found, that it is not destroyed. No matter how large or small an animal is, they can be very unnerving in and around your home, luckily there are resources available, that create a good outcome for everyone involved.

squirrel invasion Denver Squirrel problems in Denver are a very common problem as the population is very high in this area. In fact, squirrel nuisance problems are the number one pest problem in the city. Squirrels can do a lot of damage to a home by; chewing through items, tearing up insulation, and just being a general nuisance. Squirrels can carry diseases that can make humans very sick so don’t try to catch them with your bare hands. You can use a net to try and catch a squirrel but this can be very tricky. The better way is to use a live trap, this can be baited and left. If you are not comfortable catching the animal yourself there are several pest control companies that specialize in humane squirrel control.

bees invasionBees can be very scary, especially if there is a bee allergy in the home. This fear doesn’t mean that the animals need to be harmed to be removed. After you have identified that the animals that you are dealing with are bees, then give a local beekeeper a call. Beekeepers have the tools and resources to safely remove a beehive and give them a new and productive home. If a local beekeeper can’t be found there are companies that do nothing but humanely remove bees. They may trap the bees outside of the hive or use a vacuum to remove them, when this is done correctly it will not harm the bees. Bees are very important to our environment and their numbers have been decreasing, so it is important to ensure they are humanely removed.

Prevention is the first step in order to keep the pests from becoming a problem in your home. Cover holes that lead to the home, trim trees that are close to your house, and general home maintenance are all good ways to prevent pests. Use strong garbage cans with tight fitting lids and avoid feeding wild animals. If pests do find their way into your home, then there are many ways you can humanely remove these animals yourself. Do-it-yourself pest removal isn’t for everyone and that is okay, many pest removal companies specialize in humane removal of many types of animal.