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Have you ever discovered an unwanted visitor in your backyard? It may have even been able to slip right into your house. We are talking wild animals of course, squirrels, snakes, raccoons, skunks – there are quite a few species of small creatures lurking about. This is due to the human population expanding homes into what used to be habitat for wild animals. What was once theirs is now ours, and we tend to not be very sharing of our space. Never fear, there is a humane solution to unwanted wildlife guests that makes everyone happy and safe.


Humane animal removal is the best thing for both house owner and uninvited wildlife visitors. The animal is captured alive by professional animal removers that you can find at Wildlifeandpest. They only use humane traps, cages like cat cages, and transport to insure the safety of both them and the wild animal. The animal is then taken to a habitat that it would normally be living in far away from people where it is released back into the wild. It’s that simple- catch, move, and release.

What if there is more than one? For some wild animals a human home seems like the best possible place to start a family. It provides shelter, warmth, and easy access to food usually in the form of your garbage. In a case such as this, extra care is taken to insure that the babies are kept with the mother during the entire removal process.

Is it safe to just let the wild animals stay? Some wild animals are okay to leave residing in your yard, such as squirrels and rabbits. The number one safety concern that must be addressed is whether or not you have small children and how close they will ever be to the animal. Even teenagers can get hurt by intentionally provoking wild animals. The second safety concern is whether or not the wild animal has offspring. Most wild animals are naturally afraid of humans unless they are being fed by humans or protecting their young.

Snake in Backyard

Wild animals usually become more aggressive in defending their territory to keep everyone away from their babies. Letting them stay can be dangerous, as humans cannot see where the invisible boundaries that the wild animal has put up for its protection are. This can lead to an attack, which will result in you having to get rabies vaccinations and the animal being put down. Even if the animal does not have rabies, it cannot be for certain until after the animal is euthanized.

All of this can be prevented by hiring a humane animal removal service. If a wild animal, such as a squirrel, finds its way into the house then it needs to be removed. Chasing it out of the house is only a temporary solution, as it will return the same way it came in the first time. Squirrels, raccoons, and bats are some of the top wild animals that enjoy living in our houses. They can cause major damage to roof interiors, wiring, and just about everything else they come into contact with. Fecal matter can also cause serious health issues with all of the human residence in the house. Humane animal removers will help locate and seal off points of entry to prevent any future break-ins. They will also relocate the animals to more suitable homes for them in the wild.