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January , 2013

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Here are a few videos on lightweight backpacking that I found on YouTube. I'll occasionally collect a few more that I like and put them on this website.

Ultralight Packing List

It is always fun to see what other ultralight backpackers bring with them on the trail, and of course we do not have to wait until we are on the trail now, thanks to YouTube. Russell the "Weekend Adventurer" goes through everything he takes with him in this video:

I have noticed that, like most backpackers, Russell brings a pot, and therefore a stove and fuel, windscreen, etc. I seem to be the oddball, since I do not really care if I have a cooked meal, and so I skip the whole cooking-on-the-trail routine. It saves time and weight, and I have never found any lack of variety in ready-to-eat foods. I like the sleeping bag pad. For an ounce more I get two inches of padding with my inflatable Big Agnes pad, but I do worry about punctures--none so far, but all padding is lost if there ever is one.

Scenery and Music

This video from "Rainbow Hiker" is a compilation from several different hikes. Great scenery if you like mountain vistas and wild rivers and streams.

I Also like the music that accompanies the video. It's been a while since I have heard OMD (although I still have an album of theirs around here somewhere).

Ultralight Gear Examples

This is another gear video, with some examples of minimalist or "super ultralight" equipment. The pack used weighs less than 11 ounces, and John shows us a backpack that he made which weighs less than 6 ounces! The gear examples start at about minute four if you get impatient.

I love the fact that he points out how you can go with just one small water bottle when hiking in an area with plentiful water sources. Not sure I like the lumbar pack idea, but then I haven't really tried one. Once again, and even though going really light, this hiker likes to have a cooked meal. Does anyone other than myself go with only ready-to-eat foods? But he at least goes really light for his cooking setup. In the past when I have occasionally carried a pan, I did just as he did, and bought a cheap aluminum pan from WalMart and removed the handle. Typically you can get a lighter pan in this way than even the titanium ones sold by gear providers.

More Ultralight Backpacking Videos

I'll be gathering together more videos worth watching. Mostly they will be about lightweight hiking and backpacking, but I might include anything that is interesting and outdoors. Don;t forget that I have my own YouTube channel with videos here:


I am not actively adding to the videos there at the moment, but I may in the future.


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